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Coding to Kindness Google Slides Interactive Coding Activities









Coding to Kindness Seesaw Interactive Coding Activities






















➡ Scratch JR: create characters and program them by making them talk using kind words and compliments.


➡ Morning Meeting code: In order to create a block pattern use floor tiles, painters tape on the floor, or a rug if it has a block grid on it. The kids have to stand on the outer part of the grid on either side. Half of the students will be programmers. The programmer programs their partner to them until they reach each other and then say good morning. The programmer programs their partner by saying right, left, forward, backward. The partners could alternate in the afternoon so that each child gets a chance to be a programmer. 


➡ Coding: make SEL language cards (empathy, sympathy, cooperative, kind, brave, kindness) and place on the grid. Partners will take turns programming their friends to different cards and define the meaning of the word and then give a real life example of what that the word means. 


➡ Partner compliment code: use bee-bots, Code and Go Robot mouse. Code them to the partner and then give a compliment. The partner then has to code them back to the other partner and give a them a compliment as well. 

➡ Recess coding: children can use sidewalk chalk to create block patterns and then code with their friends.

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