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Spring vs. Fall...My Thoughts, Support & Love

I think back frequently on the sudden remote learning experience in the Spring and at times I felt successful and others I don’t. I don’t view the times where I think I wasn’t successful as a failure or mistake, but more as a learning opportunity. There were so many variables for each and every student and family, myself included that it was difficult to navigate. In the Spring, I felt this tug between not wanting to burden parents with too much info and also asking myself am I providing and doing enough.

Would I do things differently…. absolutely! It was a weekend in weekend to wrap our heads around remote learning. Families and teachers were all shell shocked by this sudden change and we scrambled to put as many pieces together as soon as possible. It wasn’t perfect, but it reminds me of my first year teaching. I had graduated with my M. Ed. and felt prepared. In reality, I was learning as I was going each and every day. Truthfully I still am. I did have some tools in my belt from different tech tools, innovative and safe ways to meet the kids needs and engagement during remote learning, but as I am exploring over the summer I am finding so many things I could have done differently or added to that belt in the Spring. As much as this is such a frustrating and difficult time for so many my practice as a teacher has grown exponentially since March.

Our district still has yet to make a decision about whether we will be remote or hybrid, but either way I know I have so many more tools in my belt and access to more information on how to teach remotely. Educators need support from other educators more than ever right now. I am continuing to learn and I’m not an expert, but I am calling any educator to reach out if you need it. Whether it is for tech tools, ways to engage students during this crazy time or just to vent teacher to teacher. I know I am going to need you more than ever. #BetterTogether

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